Runeblight Announcement + Plans

Hello everyone! I thought I would just take a second to complete this write up discussing Runeblight in a little more detail, and our plans for the project as we work on it.

First I’d like to talk a little bit more about the game itself, and what we’re aiming for in terms of gameplay. Currently, Runeblight is in a very early pre-alpha stage, but a lot of game engine features are present. Right now, there isn’t anything playable, and the game itself only consists of test levels. 

Here’s what’s completed:

  • Fluid first-person movement, alongside some really fun movement abilities.
    • One thing we’re aiming for is to have fun, fast-paced movement abilities. We’re trying to infuse a lot of metroidvania mechanics into the game, and this would include the ability to acquire mobility enhancing upgrades, which will let you enter areas you otherwise haven’t had access to previously. Currently, I’ve worked on several mechanics, including a dash, double jump, wall jump, and also a grappling hook, although we’ll probably be adding more as development continues, and may not be able to include all of them depending on what works.

  • Checkpoint System
    • Currently called “hexaltars,” I’m trying to combine some elements from a few different games to utilize for Runeblight’s checkpoint system. One interesting idea that’s currently implemented (although we’ll see how play-testers like it) is that some hexaltars are warpable, while others aren’t. The player, however, can spend a currency they acquire to make a hexaltar permanently warpable.
  • Basic Multiplayer
    • Not totally finished, we have the groundwork for multiplayer co-op laid out. At least for the demo, we want people to be able to play cooperatively, and for the final game, we might also add some PVP elements. Currently, we plan to give co-op players unique in-game rewards for helping the host player. Although, what exact form this will take isn’t really finalized.
  • Combat
    • The player can pick up weapons, and there are some really simple, stupid enemies to shoot at. Hitscan and projectile weapons are both implemented, along with different ammo types, reloading, and a weapon upgrade system. I’ve also made steps on making enemies react to the player’s sound. While not a stealth focused game, having enemies react to the player’s noise seems like a pretty common mechanic.

As you can probably tell from the list of completed things, what’s next on the agenda is actually getting some levels to play through, getting some assets to replace the placeholders, and getting a few finished areas. For the demo, we’d like it to be about an hour, but contain enough to show off some of the game’s more interesting mechanics. Once the demo is completed, we plan to seek some sort of funding, mostly likely in the form of a Kickstarter campaign.

With all this said, we’re actually still looking to fill a few rolls on the team. We’re currently offering revenue share to talented and committed team members, so if this project sounds interesting to you, you can read more about the roles that we need here.

*Note: You do not need to submit an application through CrowdSourcer, you may simply send an email to Be sure to include a portfolio!